Today's Jewelry Giveaways From Gutsy Goodness
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Today's Jewelry Giveaways From Gutsy Goodness



Pizza and hustle giveaways. Not a bad combo!

Don't miss these giveaways before they are gone today! Our giveaways are reaching their limit in less than 12 hours!

Pizza and friendship

Sure we all love a piece of cheesy pizza, but when we count the most important things in life it's the cheesy friends we love the most, am I right? Like when we read a text from them in a public place and burst out laughing so loudly people stare. Or when you admit some random thought you swore you never would say out loud and she says "ME TOO!" Those kind of friends mean the world to us.

We are giving away one of these necklaces today for our Amazon giveaway. (And if you don't win iit there is still a discount.) So grab 2 for you and a friend. Take her out for pizza and tell her how much she means to you. August 4th is National Friendship Day. Imagine how impressed she will be that you knew this and chose to celebrate her!

Amazon giveaway
 | Also in our shop here!

Gutsy Goodness Jewelry Mother Daughter Love Necklace

Motivational jewelry that will keep you focused

Obsessed much?

This is so ... ME. Maybe it's your personality too. I stay up late, I watch how-to videos at 2AM when I can't sleep. I absorb whatever it is I want to learn. I am not a patient person. I don't want to spend 2 years figuring it out. I want to learn from other's mistakes and then forge ahead to make a few of my own. If that sounds like you... you know you need this keychain.

Amazon giveawayAlso in our shop here!

A quick recap!

1) We will be posting the links to Gutsy Goodness giveaways here on our blog page between now and July 17th.

2) You can find all amazon giveaways here each day. There is not an "easy link". The link is actually or you can search the amazon toolbar for "giveaway" and it will pop up.

3) You can sign up to get a handful of the giveaways in your email each morning over at Amazon.

Happy Saturday!

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Today's Jewelry Giveaways From Gutsy Goodness

Today's Jewelry Giveaways From Gutsy Goodness

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