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    Fishing Dad Keychain The Best Dad Teaches His Daughter How to Fish Rustic Meaningful Mens Father Gift

    Do you have a dad who patiently taught you how to fish, hold a pole, maybe even dig for worms? This glass pendant key chain, which includes a zinc alloy bronze-colored fish charm, is a distinctive sentimental key chain designed by Gutsy Goodness. 

    This is also available in other listings that say SON or CHILDREN.

    The glass bezel is water resistant, but not water-proof. Remove it from your pocket before jumping in a lake.

    All our items are individually packaged with care and the intention to touch the heart of the recipient. It comes in an organza bag, tucked into a box with a special quotation card. The Gutsy Goodness box is sealed with a decorative elastic band as shown in the last image.

    "I recall all the times you so patiently baited my hook and instructed me how to cast. You enthusiastically taught me that there could be joy in the process of waiting for the fish to bite. But you taught me so much more. How to slow down, how to be content with whatever season of life I am in. You taught me to step away from life’s chaos and breathe. Thanks, Dad, for still being my oasis when I need refreshed."