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When one loses a baby there are no words that can make it okay, but a sentimental gift that acknowledges the love and life can sometimes ease the hurt. This glass pendant necklace includes a zinc alloy bronze-colored heart with angel wings charm and a clear-colored glass bead. It's a sweet piece of memorial jewelry designed by Gutsy Goodness.

The image has an background of antique cream with the heaven quote, covered with a glass bezel which magnifies the image, giving it a clear and crisp appearance. The glass pendant necklace is 1.20" (30mm), larger than many pendant necklaces you find that are just 25mm. The metal pieces are zinc alloy with an antique bronze finish.

This listing is for a 36" chain.

Other chain options are available at Gutsy Goodness. Enter the name of the necklace and 'gutsy goodness' into Amazon's search to locate it quickly. Options include: 24" chain or key chain.

The glass bezel is water resistant, but not water-proof. The vintage style compliments most outfits so wear with both a favorite t-shirt or career clothes.

All our items are individually packaged with care and the intention to touch the heart of the recipient. It comes in an organza bag, tucked into a box with a special quotation card. The Gutsy Goodness box is sealed with a decorative elastic band as shown in the last image.

"When we lose a baby we grieve the dreams we had for the child, the anticipation for the life we imagined. Though people try to offer comfort, words seem hollow. Allow yourself to grieve. Sometimes the only part of ‘moving on’ you will do is to just breathe another day. Part of your heart will forever reside in heaven. It is bittersweet, but also a reminder that you will be reunited one joyous day."