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    Gutsy Goodness Pig Friendship Necklace Country Girl Pig Lovers Inspired Jewelry 36"

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    Gutsy Goodness jewelry adds a vintage style vibe to your fashion with trendy life words. Specializing in gift-giving, we have a variety of sentimental handmade pieces with meaningful quotes that will touch the heart of the recipient. Or find a conversation starter mantra that represents a season in your own life to wear with purpose.

    Each jewelry piece includes a gift quotation card and is beautifully packaged ready to give, so there is no need to buy a card or gift wrap.

    Gutsy Goodness. It's more than just jewelry. It's adorned with all the words you wish you could express and we are here to help you turn a moment into a memory.

    • A pig mom is a special kind of woman who is a little bit obssessed with her pigs and proud of it. This cute piece of handmade piglet jewelry is the ideal gift for the friend who loves her pigs and talks about them as if they are her kids.
    • HANDMADE: We assemble and package each item by hand. The typography quote is designed by artisan Lisa. The pendant image has a cream background, covered and sealed with a glass bezel. Handcrafted with antique bronze metal charms and glass beads.
    • READY FOR GIFT GIVING: Affectionately boxed to express your heart to the recipient. Comes in an organza bag, tucked into a dark chocolate colored box with the quotation gift card and care instructions. Ready to give as a gift.
    • THE CARD: Every jewelry piece is packaged with a unique quotation card inspired by the theme of the pendant. See images for what this specific card says that is packaged with the necklace.
    • SIZE: The pendant piece is 30mm, about 1.18 inches round. It feels substantial in your hand yet necklaces are still comfortable around your neck. It's much larger than a quarter which is 24mm. See image for length reference.