Starter Pack Farm Animals Collection Handmade Jewelry Assortment Kit Pigs Chicken Goats Necklaces 12 Individual Gift Boxes

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    This is a STARTER PACK OF 12 NECKLACES including our popular Chicken Mom and Home is Where My Herd Is.

    The Starter Pack includes:

    1 - Ask Me About My Chickens 

    1 - Home Is Where My Pigs Are

    1 - Goat Mom

    1 - Chicken Mom

    1 - If You Don't Understand Why I Love Pigs

    1 - Home is Where My Herd is

    1 - Yes, I Talk To Chickens

    1 - Best Pig Mom

    1 - Goats, I Am Blessed and Little Obsessed

    1 - God Made Chickens And Women On The Same Day

    1 - Pig Moms Get A Little Dirty

    1 - Everything Will Be Okay, My Goats Love Me

    To customize your offering to best fit the needs of your store, you can choose from the following chain lengths:

    • 24" Necklaces (MSRP $19.49 each)
    • 36" Necklaces (MSRP $22.49 each)