Product Care Instructions

    Taking care of your jewelry item will of course make it last longer. That said, Lisa and her mom both confess to disliking jewelry that requires too much effort.

    We have provided the instructions for those of you who love caring for your jewelry and want it to look amazing in years to come.

    But if you are one of those people whose biggest "care" will be to toss it in your jewelry box rather than the bottom of your purse, don't let these details scare you.

    The most important part would be to put it back inside the small zip bag to avoid any tarnishing. However, this isn't like silver. It doesn't turn black and look awful. If you forget the bag, over time, it may just appear a tiny bit more "vintage."


    This is what is included with every item behind the quotation card

    You have received your item in a sealed bag.

    As with most metals, humidity can occasionally affect the glass and the bronze pieces can darken, so we recommend storing it in a cool dry place or a cotton bag.

    Avoid spraying perfume on your piece or using lotion where it will come into contact.

    Small sparkles (under the glass) may appear over time. These are natural and to be expected but if they distract from the design please contact us directly.

    To clean the glass on your pendant wipe gently with glass cleaner sprayed on a cloth. Avoid allowing this to touch the bronze.

    It's recommended that you occasionally polish your jewelry with a jewelry grade polishing cloth and rub a thin coat of olive oil to the back.

    Brass can blacken when it is exposed to natural skin oils. You can avoid this by updated care.

    Thank you for your purchase. We hope you love it!