Papa Wedding White Bouquet Charm Grandpa Frame Memorial Grandfather Remember Jewelry

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    "Do you have tissues?" "It's that kind of gift, is it?" the bride-to-be laughs as she takes the gift box from her friend. Her bridal shower had been filled with a lot of laughter and now it was getting sentimental. She gently opens the box and peeks at the card inside-- "You're with me today." She can feel a lump in her throat. She carefully opens the bouquet charm and places it in her palm.

    "Oh..." she whispers. The room grows quiet as everyone waits. "I hope the photo I chose of him is okay. If not, you can put a different one inside. It's really easy." "I love it..." she replies, biting her bottom lip so as to wish the tears away. "What is it, sweetheart?" her mom asks. "It's a charm for my flowers... and it has, well, look. She passes it over and can hear her mom gasp as she studies the charm and wills herself to look at her father's photo.

    "I don't know what to say..." the bride-to-be tells her friend. "It's the most thoughtful gift I've ever received." "I know how much your grandpa meant to you and when I saw this I just knew you had to have it" her friend replies. "I know you are wishing he was still here, to be with everyone at the wedding. Maybe having a photo of him will make it a little bit easier." "It does. Thank you so much."

    A thoughtful gift for the bride who is missing someone special on her wedding day, this vintage-style bouquet charm is a sentimental way to honor the memory of a loved one during the ceremony.

    This glass bouquet jewelry charm comes with a glass message pendant and frame where you can insert a photo. It includes a template for the frame, a glass pearl bead, and attaches to the bouquet with a decorative lobster clasp and 10" ribbon.

    * We also offer a photo service if you'd prefer here.