Daughter In Law Keychain Treasure You Family Welcome Meaningful Jewelry

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    Families are always eager to welcome their new daughter in law, but do they know just how strongly you feel about your son's choice? Let her know with this sentimental pendant that you can't wait to get to know her. The glass keychain design is uniquely designed with a beauty beyond words and a message that is sure to be appreciated by all that receive it. The daughter in law keychain also includes a heart charm and bead, along with a heartfelt quote on the card packaged ready for giving as a beautiful gift.
    Keep your daughter-in-law from feeling left out, and show her you're excited for the marriage by sending her this thoughtful gift! She'll love knowing that you look forward to having her in your life, too.

    • Gutsy Goodness jewelry is often given as gifts if you find one that speaks to your heart, we hope you don't resist.
    • The keychains are a comfortable weight and pair well with your keys or on your favorite purse. Designed by Lisa, they are hand-sealed onto a glass pendant which makes a unique conversation piece.
    • We believe every jewelry piece should be gift-ready, even if the gift is for you.
    • We strive to create meaningful jewelry that will help you communicate your ideas and beliefs. A keychain is a way to make your own statement and express yourself through your outfit.