Message Card Dear Mom I Get It Now Necklace Gift From Adult Daughter Love You Theme Boho Jewelry & Message Card

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    "Dear Mom, I get it now" seems like such simple words, but they communicate so much between a mother and daughter. These are the words a mom longs to hear, so not only will this trendy necklace add a pop of color and style to her outfit, it will also send a heartfelt message from an adult daughter to her mom.

    As she wears this gift from her adult daughter, it may even result in a few understanding laughs with friends and strangers alike as the pendant becomes a conversation piece and other moms share "I wish my daughter would get this for me!"

    Moms often wonder if their children truly understand the depth of their love and the challenges they face in balancing unconditional love with the desire to see them grow and thrive. This necklace, with its simple yet powerful message, will communicate just that.

    The necklace is made from a gorgeous glass pendant design with a bronze-finish metal chain available in either 24 or 36 inches. It's both stylish and meaningful, adorned with beads in bright pastel colors and a LOVE charm.

    It will help your mom feel like she can conquer the world and breathe a sigh of relief.

    This jewelry design comes gift-ready, including a meaningful message card, and is ideal for birthdays, Mother's Day, and any time a daughter wants to tell her mom she loves her.