Autumn Shows Us How Beautiful It Is Keychain October Fall Season Theme Quote Jewelry Leaves Charm

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    There's something special about autumn. The colors, the changing weather, and even the way it makes you feel inside. This Autumn Shows Us How Beautiful It Is keychain captures everything that's wonderful about the season and puts it on display for everyone to see. With a simple but fashionable pendant design, this will make a fun addition to your purse or your keyring when you head out for a day of adventure.

    • Timeless and personal, Gutsy Goodness keychains have a bronze finish that gives it a bit of charm along with sparkly glass beads and charms.
    • This jewelry is a unique conversation piece and made for the person who likes to have something different from the crowd.
    • The designs by Lisa are fresh and fun, but classic enough that they'll pair well with any outfit.
    • Express your personality through jewelry! Showcase yourself and what you believe in a way that makes you feel confident.