Blue Christmas Tree Necklace Handmade It's Okay Encouragement Gift Emotional Support Jewelry

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    The holiday season isn’t always a happy time, especially when dealing with grief or loss. Sometimes it can be hard to feel festive. This vintage bronze pendant necklace is the perfect way to show what you are feeling without saying a word. The necklace says that it is okay to have a blue Christmas and be sad sometimes, even during the holidays.

    • Timeless and personal, Gutsy Goodness jewelry has a bronze finish that gives it a bit of charm along with sparkly glass beads and charms.
    • Available as 24- or 36-inch, so choose the size that you prefer. The designs by Lisa are sealed on a glass pendant, ready for conversations.
    • The jewelry has a special flair that makes it a versatile piece to wear with both business wear or casual.
    • At Gutsy Goodness, we believe that jewelry should be not just a fashion piece, but also a true reflection of who you are. Our jewelry is designed to resonate with the wearer, reflecting their personality and values.