Bouquet Charm Bridal Memorial Missing Grandma Grandpa Wedding Day White Bronze Frame

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    "You look beautiful" her dad says as he prepares to walk down the aisle with her. "Thanks, Dad." "You look so much like your grandma when she was young. Back when I was marrying your mom."

    "I wish she and grandpa were here today, dad."

    "I know. I'm missing them too. I always pictured them here with us on the day you got married." Her dad sighs and she can see his eyes getting misty.

    "It's okay, dad. I'll hold you up as I walk down the aisle. And I've got grandma and grandpa here with me too" she says as she holds up her bouquet charm and gestures to the frame holding their photo.

    "You do" her dad smiles. "And I just may need a bit of help. I don't want to make you trip on your dress."

    "We've got this, dad."

    A thoughtful gift for the bride who is missing someone special on her wedding day, this vintage-style bouquet charm is a sentimental way to honor the memory of a loved one during the ceremony.

    This glass bouquet jewelry charm comes with a glass message pendant and frame where you can insert a photo. It includes a template for the frame, a glass pearl bead, and attaches to the bouquet with a decorative lobster clasp and 10" ribbon.

    * We also offer a photo service if you'd prefer here.