Bouquet Charm Uncle You Walk Beside Me Every Day Wedding Day Jewelry Memory Vintage Silvertone

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    "He'd be asking you if he should sneak you out of here" her mom says laughing but on the edge of tears. "You're right! He would," the bride says. Her dad stands beside her, looking too choked up to speak and her mom is straightening her veil.

    "I know you are missing your uncle today, but he's here in spirit" her mom encourages. "Don't cry, mom. You will mess up your makeup." "He would have loved to see you in your wedding dress."

    "Yes, but he would have made a joke about all these buttons" she says. Her uncle had always been fun family member, making memories from his teaching her to fish to teaching her to drive.

    Her dad approaches and puts his arm around his wife. "We all miss him. It's okay to miss him, but today is a happy day." The bride looks down at her bouquet of flowers and fiddles with a rose petal.

    "I hope you know how much I wish he was here today too, mom. I love this bouquet charm you got me. It makes him part of the day." Her mom reaches over and touches the frame that holds her brother's photo. "Thank you for carrying this with you down the aisle. It means a lot to me too, you know." "I love you, mom. He's always with us" she whispers.