Bridal Bouquet Charm Dad Beside Me White Wedding Father Memorial Frame Blue Bead

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    The wedding coordinator breezes by. "It's time!" "Yes" she whispers. But she can't take that first step. "I hope you don't mind me saying this, but it's hard to walk down the aisle on your own. Are you sure there isn't someone here who I could ask to accompany you? A friend, an uncle?"

    "No, I'm okay" she whispers. Her dad should be here and there is no one who she wants to take his place. She looks down at her flower bouquet and turns it to see the frame holding a photo of her dad smiling back at her.

    "Hey, dad. You're here with me. I'm nervous, and excited, and overwhelmed, and... sad. I wish you were standing here. But I know you are here, dad, and I am going to make you proud of me and hold it together."

    She takes a breath and blows it out and peeks around the corner to see down the aisle. The love of her life... he looks nervous. She needs to get down there. "I love you, dad" she whispers. "Let's do this." She hears the wedding march cue up for her again and she looks over to the wedding coordinator and smiles and starts that walk down the aisle.

    A thoughtful gift for the bride who is missing someone special on her wedding day, this vintage-style bouquet charm is a sentimental way to honor the memory of a loved one during the ceremony.

    This glass bouquet jewelry charm comes with a glass message pendant and frame where you can insert a photo. It includes a template for the frame, a glass pearl bead, and attaches to the bouquet with a decorative lobster clasp and 10" ribbon.

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