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    Custom Charm or Bead For Gutsy Goodness Jewelry

    Would you like to add an additional charm, bead, or chain to your order? 

    Each of our jewelry pieces are designed and assembled by a member of our team and then sent on to our distributor who assists us with the shipping. 

    We personally can send you a charm, bead, or different chain length, however, if you want your item personalized a bit more.

    Please note that this item will be sent separately from your necklace or keychain, as they are coming from 2 different places. We will attach rings and they can be slid onto your necklace or keychain upon arrival.


    Choose an option for what you would like: Charm, Bead, 24" Chain, or 36" Chain.

    When your order comes through we will personally email you to find out which charm/color of bead you would like.