Daughter in Law Necklace Treasure You Love Family Meaningful Jewelry

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    Let your new daughter in law know how much you are looking forward to having her as a part of your family. With this sentimental jewelry piece, you can express your feelings for your daughter in law. The necklace features a glass pendant design and bronze finish, with a unique design that makes it the perfect accessory to express your feelings. Choose from 24" or 36" chains. The necklace also includes a heart charm and bead.
    It’s a time to celebrate and build new relationships. Let your daughter in law know that you’re ready for this journey together.

    • Gutsy Goodness jewelry is often given as gifts if you find one that speaks to your heart, we hope you don't resist.
    • The necklaces are available as 24- or 36-inch. The illustrations by Lisa are hand-sealed onto a glass pendant, ready to start a conversation.
    • These exclusive designs by Lisa are sealed on a glass pendant and are perfect for any occasion: from church to Sunday brunch to dinner at your favorite restaurant.
    • Jewelry is personal. It's also a way to make your own statement, express yourself through your fashion, and showcase what you cherish (or what makes you laugh). Let us know if we can help you find anything.