Fall Lover Cozy Keychain Book Coffee Candle and Rain Favorite Things Autumn Theme Jewelry For Women

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    You can't go wrong with this fall keychain! It's a cute little design that contains all of our favorite things about the season: sweater weather, coffee, books, candles and rain. A perfect gift for the fashion-forward fall lover and self-proclaimed Autumn jewelry trendsetter who is always looking for the latest trends in cozy jewelry.

    • Gutsy Goodness jewelry is often given as gifts if you find one that speaks to your heart, we hope you don't resist.
    • They feel substantial in your hand. Clip it to your purse or onto your keys. These exclusively designed illustrations by Lisa are sealed on a glass pendant and make a unique conversation piece.
    • Whether you are looking to make a fashion statement or find a mantra to rely on throughout the day, our keychains complement all kinds of fashion styles.
    • We strive to create meaningful jewelry that will help you communicate your ideas and beliefs. A keychain is a way to make your own statement and express yourself through your outfit.