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    A football mom lives by the phrase, “our family, our team.” She understands when to yell “Defense!” or “Offense!” A football mom thinks the best feeling in the world is when she sees her son searching her out in the bleachers and then locks eyes and smiles. This necklace is a gift for that special mom who loves everything about football and her son's first game.

    • Timeless and personal, Gutsy Goodness jewelry has a bronze finish that gives it a bit of charm along with sparkly glass beads and charms.
    • The necklaces are available as 24- or 36-inch. The illustrations by Lisa are hand-sealed onto a glass pendant, ready to start a conversation.
    • Gutsy Goodness handmade necklaces are perfect for any occasion, from casual Fridays to lunch with friends, birthday parties to church. Each one is made with love and attention in our studio in San Diego, CA.
    • Jewelry can inspire, empower and make everyday magical. Gutsy Goodness' jewelry is that one-of-a-kind, uniquely thoughtful gift for yourself or someone special.