Grandma Lola Keychain All My Blessings Call Me Lola Gift Quote Grandmother Jewelry Gift Flower

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    A free-spirited grandmother, your Lola is the center of your family. She has given you the strength to be your true self, and the lessons in hard work and perseverance will always echo throughout your life. This beautiful keychain is a constant reminder to your grandmother how loved she is by her family and how all that she has given to her family over the years is cherished and appreciated.

    • Timeless and personal, Gutsy Goodness keychains have a bronze finish that gives it a bit of charm along with sparkly glass beads and charms.
    • This jewelry is a unique conversation starter and the perfect weight to carry with your keys or clip to your purse.
    • The designs by Lisa are fresh and fun, but classic enough that they'll pair well with any outfit.
    • Jewelry should tell a story—that's why we work hard to make every piece unique and special in its own way, so that your design tells its own story and reflects different aspects of the your personality and interests.