Small Town Girl Keychain Boho Handmade Fashion Jewelry Denim Shorts, Sunglasses, Tassel Charms & Card

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    You are a small town girl. You may have always dreamed of leaving for the big city, or buying a house just up the street from where you grew up. But either way, you understand that no matter how far away you travel, your heart will always be in that small town.

    This keychain is a fun accessory that will remind you of all the joys and memories come from living (or have lived) in a small town, including how it shaped your life. You know all your neighbors by name, you know where to get the best burgers (and the second-best burgers), and you have a million memories from growing up there that you love to reminisce about. Because the older you get, the more meaningful they are.

    Embellished with charms of denim shorts and sunglasses, this keychain captures the essence of a carefree small-town vibe. Sparkly glass beads add a touch of glam to the keychain, making it a versatile piece of fashion jewelry that can be paired with any outfit. It also includes a white tassel and can be a darling purse clip.

    Packaged with a message card, this Small Town Girl jewelry is a great gift idea for the woman who loves and appreciates her small-town roots.

    Every time she looks at it, it will remind her of all those memories from when she was growing up in that small town, and how much more valuable they are now than ever before.