More Jesus Less Drama Faith Keychain Women's Purse Charm Boho Fashion Pink Tassel Charm & Message Card

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    This keychain is more than a pretty accessory. It's a reminder that you're special, and it's time to stop letting other people's drama get in the way of your life.

    You're a woman who is not afraid to share her faith, while also expressing it in a fun and humorous way with some boho-style flair!

    And you know what? The world needs more Jesus and less drama. More hugs and less selfies, more kindness and less gossip, more truth and less tabloids. If we can just stay grounded in what's important life will be so much more rewarding.

    This inspirational handmade glass pendant keychain features a bronze finish, beads and charms and a pink suede tassel. This piece is not only a trendy keychain or purse clip, but it also has a powerful message that may just start a few interesting conversations.