Reclaim Shattered Pieces Make Mosaic Keychain Inspiring Jewelry Enough & Tassel Charm & Message Card

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    The Reclaim the Shattered Pieces keychain is a beautiful way to celebrate the strength and power of a woman who has overcome challenges, but not been defeated by them.

    The keychain is made from glass beads and a butterfly charm, and comes with a empowering message card. The keychain also includes a suede tassel and a Enough word tag charm.

    It's perfect for the woman who understands that mistakes are never wasted, scars are not to be hidden away. They're part of her journey and they make her stronger and her life is becoming a beautiful mosaic of her experiences and the things she has overcome.

    This jewelry is handmade in San Diego CA.

    With every broken piece or scars in life there is a chance for the light to shine in. This jewelry is a memento of the times life didn't go as planned, and yet one can celebrate her growth as she becomes the woman she was meant to be.