Pumpkin Spice Keychain Life is Too Short to Skip Whip Cream Autumn Quote Dessert Lover Jewelry

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    Enjoy the cool autumn days with this fun and trendy pumpkin spice keychain. Perfect for pumpkin spice lovers, this Life is Too Short to Skip Whip quote pendant will catch the attention of other pumpkin spice lovers as you share in the small delights of the season.

    • Gutsy Goodness keychains are fun, thoughtful, and it's hard to stop browsing all the quotes when you know there is one that will speak your heart.
    • They feel substantial in your hand as a comfortable weight. These exclusive designs by Lisa are sealed on a glass pendant and make a unique conversation piece. Clip it to your purse or onto your keys.
    • Because of their uniqueness, these keychains make great gifts for anyone who loves fashion and wants something different from what everyone else is wearing!
    • Jewelry is personal. We strive to create meaningful jewelry that will help you communicate your ideas and beliefs, so you can share them with the world around you!