📦 SHIPPING: How soon? What method? FAQ & answers!

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    Shipping: Gutsy Goodness

    We are eager to get your order to you as quickly as possible. These are our shipping policies.

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    SHIPPING COSTS - "Do you have free shipping?"

    We have Flat Rate shipping methods available for First Class and Priority Mail. If you spend $30 or more you get free First Class Shipping with the option to upgrade to Priority Mail. We also have 3-day UPS as an option that is guaranteed.

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    PROCESSING TIME - "How soon do you ship it?"

    • Order and payment verification, making the item, and packaging it up can take 12-48 hours.
    • We do our best to send orders within 1-2 days but occasionally it could be up to 3 days. Our highest priority is to always get Priority Mail and UPS 3-day packages shipped within 24 hours.
    • Orders are not shipped on Sundays or holidays. Orders may be shipped on Saturdays.
    • Our team of artisansmakes many of our products in advance. Others we make the day your order comes in.
    • We use a variety of shipping methods to get your order to you as soonest as possible.

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    SHIPPING SPEED - "How long does the delivery take?"

    This refers to the time it takes for items to be shipped from our warehouse in San Diego, CA to your destination.

    Upon checkout you had the option to choose your shipping speed.

    • First Class Mail should take take 3-10 days; but can take up to 21 days during busy seasons and isnot guaranteed.
    • Priority Mail should take 2-3 days; but can take up to 14 days and is not guaranteed.
    • UPS 3-day is guaranteed to arrive in 3 days by 11pm.

    We do our best to ship any orders that arrive to us by 2pm Pacific time that are UPS 3-day will ship the same day.

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    SHIPPING CONFIRMATION - "Where is my tracking #?"

    You will receive a Shipment Confirmation email once your order has shipped containing your tracking number(s). The tracking number will be active within 24 hours.

    If you checked the box to allow us to text you we will also text you the tracking information.

    If you do not receive the email tracking information be sure to check a spam folder or if you use gmail, we recommend checking the "All Mail" folder.

    If your package is having delays, please feel free to notify us and we will do our best to find out the cause of delay or send another item.

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    DAMAGES - "My jewelry arrived smashed"

    Gutsy Goodness is not liable for any products damaged or lost during shipping but we will do our best to help you receive exactly what you have ordered in a timely fashion.

    If you received your order and it is less than perfect, we may ask you to take photos of the damaged shipping package in order for us to assist in filing a claim to the carrier. Please save all packaging materials and damaged goods.

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    WHERE IS MY ORDER? - "How do I track it? What if it says delivered and I don't have it?"

    If your tracking information is marked as "delivered" and you have not received your package we recommend the following steps:

    • Wait until the next day. Oftentimes the USPS marks it delivered and it is still on the truck.
    • Check with the people in your household
    • Check around a screen door, behind shrubs
    • If you are friendly with the neighbors ask if they got it by mistake.
    • See the following from USPS and fill out the form

    If your package is delayed or tracking information has not been updated for 5-7 days

    • If your package is delayed and the tracking information says “IN TRANSIT, ARRIVING LATE” your package is not considered lost, but just delayed. We recommend putting in the Tracking # and then signing up for alerts such as SMS updates when the package "moves." For some reason this has been known to get packages moving.
    • Let us know what's going on. We reserve the right to choose to send a replacement or not, depending on what the USPS updates say. Oftentimes during holiday season sending a second package only clogs up the backlog of mail more—it doesn’t arrive any sooner. That said, if this is absolutely needed by a certain date (such as a wedding) you have much less expensive options with 3-day UPS then if you wait until the last minute to re-order.
    • If we opt to send a second shipment the customer will be responsible for returning the first shipment when it arrives. You may wish to add a faster delivery method on your second package, depending on your timeline.
    • Please double check your address is correct to ensure the fastest delivery.

    Regarding refunds, if your package is delayed more than 24 days due to postal setbacks, please feel free to communicate with us and we will do our best to help in any way we can.

    • We do not provide refunds when a package is delayed and the USPS Trackinginformationsays “In Transit, Arriving Late” other messages, or even no tracking information for up to 2 weeks. This is all normal for the USPS. Rather, we may opt to provide you with a Gutsy Goodness shop credit for you to order a replacement item.