Son You Walk Beside Me Every Day Memorial Bouquet Charm, Bronze, Cream Glass, White Pearl

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    "All set?" her dad asks. The music has started and they are awaiting the cue to start the walk down the aisle. "As ready as I will ever be" she smiles. "I just wish..." and then her eyes start to water. "I know, honey. You're especially missing them today."

    "It just doesn't seem fair that they aren't here. I always imagined this day with them being a part of it." "They are a part of it," her dad gently replies. "You've even included them on your flowers." He gestures to her bouquet and she tilts it a bit to see the frames that hold their photos.

    "I love this" she replies. "It does make it feel like they are here." "They are looking down at you today, celebrating with you, so focus on the good" her dad whispers. "Thanks, Dad. I will."

    A thoughtful gift for the bride who is missing someone special on her wedding day, this vintage-style bouquet charm is a sentimental way to honor the memory of a loved one during the ceremony.

    This glass bouquet jewelry charm comes with a glass message pendant and frame where you can insert a photo. It includes a template for the frame, a glass pearl bead, and attaches to the bouquet with a decorative lobster clasp and 10" ribbon.

    * We also offer a photo service if you'd prefer here.