Yaya Keychain All My Blessings Greek Grandma Womens Family Gift Jewelry

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    Give your Yaya grandmother the gift of love and commitment with this gorgeous Yaya keychain. She has taught you everything you know and you have become who you are through her guidance and love, so why not show her just how much she means to you? This gorgeous piece is a daily reminder of that and she will delight in showing it off as she gets to talk about how lovely her family is!

    • Gutsy Goodness keychains have a vintage vibe with a bronze finish, glass beads, and embellished with miniature charms.
    • They feel substantial in your hand. Clip it to your purse or onto your keys. These exclusively designed illustrations by Lisa are sealed on a glass pendant and make a unique conversation piece.
    • Every jewelry piece is gift-ready, even if the gift is for you!
    • Add a little sparkle to your life with this keychain. At Gutsy Goodness, we believe that jewelry should be not just a personal statement but also a true reflection of who you are. Our jewelry is designed to resonate with the wearer, reflecting their personality and values.