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    9 Tips To Choose The Perfect Gift For Someone You Care About

    How to Find the Perfect Gift

    It's so much fun when you know you have found a gift for someone that he or she is going to L-O-V-E...But then there are the days leading up to the special event when you haven't yet found that gift and you are left scrambling for anything that will at least say "I didn't forget about you. I tried my best."

    We've received thousands of reviews and a good percentage of them are how you purchased something for a friend, mom, dad, teacher, etc and it was PERFECT. We love hearing your stories and are so glad we could be a part of making a memory into a moment.

    Here are some of our best tips to lead you to the best gift-giving experience.

    1. Be creative in discovering her interests

    Jordan made internet news when he announced that he'd created a secret Pinterest profile to follow his wife's favorite items, styles, and decor. Genius! Even my husband has purchased a few gifts he saw me pin on Pinterest. But this tip is for anyone, not just romantics. 



    Is your best friend on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or any social site, see what kinds of things she posts and likes? Did you know your dear friend from college now has a pet turtle? Did you notice that all her posts are turtle related? Bingo! Unique turtle items will be a sure hit.

    2. Create a theme of the gift

    One customer of ours shared that he was purchasing a Let's Take An Adventure keychain for himself, but the wedding proposal would include gifts for his soon-to-be wife of a diamond ring and an adventurer themed scrapbook, inspired by the Up movie.

    We don't sell diamonds and we are okay with that. But a necklace or keychain paired with a similar themed gift will let the recipient know how much trouble you went to to make it just right.

    4. Give an experience

    After more than two decades of marriage I still remember one of my favorite gifts from my husband in the early days. He splurged on theater tickets to see the Broadway show of Mama Mia... and he included the tickets wrapped up with the CD.

    Experiences make wonderful gifts but it will create more of a memory with a sentimental keepsake to go with it.

    5. What does she value?

    Is there a childhood gift she lost or never even received that would be fun to have? A photo of a shared trip or a memorial gift of a pet who crossed the rainbow bridge?

    If she is starting a new business, most people will question if she will make it, while you will celebrate her accomplishment with our necklace Nothing Will Work Unless You Do.

    Maybe someone who is starting a blog or writing a book world love a writers gift (yeah, we have some cute ones.)

    6. What is the lastthing she wants?

    Does a teacher really need one more mug? Or your mom one more pair of slippers? Avoid those generic I-didn't-know-what-to-give-you-so-I-got-this gifts.

    Or pair a practical gift along with something sentimental. Give a teacher one of our keychains and a note that says "The key to happiness is to take care of yourself too, so here is a gift card for dinner and a movie."

    7. Be silly

    If you have a friend who loves sarcasm, find something unique that she will crack up laughing at. Or buy any gift and write a funny note.

    I recently sent a friend going through chemotherapy a little toy monkey and wrote a note that said "Remember the mantra, 'Not my circus, not my monkey.'" I also sent her one of our keychains "My Story Doesn't Include Your Statistics."

    8. Be charitable

    If someone really has everything they need or she has told you to NOT buy a gift, give something to a cause in her name. You may even want to package it up with a little something.

    For example, if you were giving to her favorite wildlife conservation your could give her our elephant keychain.

    9. Get creative with the packaging

    Our items are ready to give, complete with a quote card and a gift box and decorative bow. But feel free to add your own touch to a gift.

    Find a fun gift bag. Doodle all over the card envelope (or the box if you are shipping it.) Add her favorite candy or drink. Show your personality in the presentation, even if it's a bit over the top.

    9 tips to find the perfect gift