Autumn Shows Us How Beautiful It Is Necklace October Fall Season Theme Quote Jewelry Leaves Charm

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    This necklace is the perfect accent to your Fall season wardrobe. The detailing of these autumn leaves gives a glimpse into the changing seasons without being too overbearing or ostentatious. It has just enough of an edge to make you feel like embracing change, while still being subtle enough that it works with any outfit and setting.

    • These necklaces are a bit country-chic, making a statement without being too flashy.
    • Available in 24- or 36-inch lengths, these exclusive designs by Lisa are sealed on a glass pendant and make an interesting conversation piece.
    • Whether you are looking to make a fashion statement or find a mantra to rely on throughout the day, our necklaces complement all kinds of fashion styles.
    • Jewelry is personal. It's also a way to make your own statement, express yourself through your fashion, and showcase what you cherish (or what makes you laugh). Let us know if we can help you find anything.