I'm So Glad I Live World Octobers Necklace Autumn Quote Jewelry

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    Celebrate the season with this mantra. Fall is full of feelings of coziness as we crunch the leaves under our feet and find all things scented pumpkin. This is a classy piece of jewelry for the woman who wants to celebrate October with a trendy Autumn accessory and it's perfect to wear to a child's school Fall Festival or even to work to keep it festive during those -ber months.

    • Gutsy Goodness necklaces have a vintage vibe with a bronze finish, glass beads, and embellished with miniature charms.
    • They come in 24- or 36-inch lengths so you can choose the length you prefer. These exclusive designs by Lisa are sealed on a glass pendant and make a unique conversation piece.
    • Looking for a gift that will add a bit of flair to you wardrobe? Our styles will compliment both casual or dressy fashions.
    • We believe that jewelry should tell a story. A message on a necklace is more meaningful than a million words. So let us help you celebrate your style and reflect who you are.