Christmas Chaos Coordinator Fun Holiday Necklace Stocking Charm Pendant Hostess Gift Jewelry

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    The holidays are a busy time of year! This adorable Christmas Chaos Coordinator holiday necklace will be perfect for laughing at yourself as you try to take on all the Christmas tasks and activities. It's cute, trendy, and makes a great stocking stuffer or hostess gift idea for the woman who is always trying her best to do it all and needs a little reminder someone notices.

    • A classy and creative way to show off your personality, Gutsy Goodness necklaces are the perfect gift for anyone who loves jewelry.
    • Choose between 24- or 36-inch lengths. The exclusive designs are by Lisa, then are hand-sealed onto a glass pendant and ready to start a conversation.
    • Because of their uniqueness, these necklaces make great gifts for anyone who loves fashion and wants something different from what everyone else is wearing!
    • We strive to create meaningful jewelry that will help you communicate your ideas and beliefs, so you can share them with the world around you!