Christmas Chaos Coordinator Fun Holiday Keychain Stocking Charm Pendant Hostess Gift Jewelry

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    The holidays are a busy time of year! This adorable Christmas Chaos Coordinator holiday keychain will be perfect for laughing at yourself as you try to take on all the Christmas tasks and activities. It's cute, trendy, and makes a great stocking stuffer or hostess gift idea for the woman who is always trying her best to do it all and needs a little reminder someone notices.

    • Our keychains are made to be used and treasured. The bronze finish gives it a country-chic feel, while the glass beads add sparkle.
    • They feel substantial in your hand and are a comfortable weight. Clip it to your purse or onto your keys. The designs by Lisa are sealed on a glass pendant, ready for conversations.
    • These exclusive designs by Lisa are sealed on a glass pendant and are perfect for any occasion: from church to Sunday brunch to dinner at your favorite restaurant.
    • Add a little sparkle to your life with this keychain. At Gutsy Goodness, we believe that jewelry should be not just a personal statement but also a true reflection of who you are. Our jewelry is designed to resonate with the wearer, reflecting their personality and values.