Fall Lover Cozy Necklace Book Coffee Candle and Rain Favorite Things Autumn Theme Jewelry For Women

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    Do you love all things sweater weather, including books and coffee and a candle and the rain? This necklace shares all our favorite things about the season with the darling bronze charms and the soft blue shaded book on the pendant design. It's the perfect gift for the fall fashion lover! The design is simple but very warm and cozy.

    • When you're looking for gifts that says "I care," look no further than Gutsy Goodness handmade necklaces.
    • They are made of bronze-finished metal and the glass pendant makes an interesting conversation pieces as well as share your heart.
    • A Gutsy Goodness necklace will quickly become your go-to piece of jewelry for every occasion, pairing great with jeans, a blouse, or casual business wear.
    • Jewelry is more than just something that reflects who you are—it's an extension of your personality. That's why we believe in creating jewelry that resonates with its wearer, so they can feel like they're wearing an extension of themselves.