Hocus Pocus Necklace Help Me Focus Funny Halloween Spider Black Cat Jewelry for Women Costume Fashion Book Charm

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    This Hocus Pocus necklace is a hilarious way to bring magic into your life. Whether you’re rocking it at a Halloween party or simply wearing it to work like a costume, this unique accessory will have everyone asking, "where did you get that?" Get it now and make your wishes come true!

    • There is a quote and design ideal for any occasion. The bronze finish gives it a bit of a country chic charm and glass beads add sparkle.
    • This jewelry is a unique conversation piece and made for the person who likes to wear something different from the crowd.
    • The designs by Lisa are fresh and fun, but classic enough that they'll pair well with any outfit.
    • We strive to create meaningful jewelry that will help you communicate your ideas and beliefs, so you can share them with the world around you!