Christmas Charm Necklace Owl Be Home Holiday Pine Cone Charm Handmade Pendant Winter Gift

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    Holiday party perfect! This trendy Christmas owl necklace will compliment your look and make it instantly festive. Before you leave for that gift exchange with friends, stock up on holiday jewelry they will love. And share your Christmas spirit with our owl necklace that is cute, warm, and fashionable all at once.

    • Gutsy Goodness necklaces are fun, thoughtful, and it's hard to stop browsing all the quotes when you know there is one that will speak your heart.
    • This jewelry is a unique conversation starter, lengths available as 24 or 36-inch.
    • A Gutsy Goodness necklace will quickly become your go-to piece of jewelry for every occasion, pairing great with jeans, a blouse, or casual business wear.
    • We strive to create meaningful jewelry that will help you communicate your ideas and beliefs, so you can share them with the world around you!